Block Coordinator's wife died in road accident, police fears conspiracy

Jul 09 2020 09:33 AM
Block Coordinator's wife died in road accident, police fears conspiracy

Cases of crime are increasing every day across the country, after which the atmosphere of fear has started to grow. Amidst the stories of this flourishing crime, another case has emerged. This is the case of Junnardev where the wife of Block Coordinator Sanjay Bamne died in a road accident. According to the information, on the first Monday of the month of Sawan month, Sanjay Bamne, resident of Ward No. 03 of the city, went out to see his wife on a bike, to visit the Lodeshwar temple. While passing over the bridge near the coke kiln at around 4:00 pm, an unknown two-wheeler driver from behind hit his wife uncontrollably and succumbed to her head injury.

According to the information, the injured died only after being brought to the hospital. Whose information was given, today, the relatives who reached Junnardeo from Muzawar Mall called the case suspicious and demanded a proper investigation from the police. And while informing the woman's parents to the reporters, in the year 2009, the resident of Muzawar Mall had married his daughter Parvati to Sanjay Bamne of Junnardev by social rituals. 

But after some time of marriage, the relationship between the husband and wife was not good enough. Due to which her husband used to torture her every day, and after demanding 10 lakh rupees as dowry, he locked his wife in the room and beat her badly. Not only this, he did not even let her talk to her parents. 

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