Rare blue snake wrapped on rose, video goes viral

Sep 19 2020 06:00 PM
Rare blue snake wrapped on rose, video goes viral

You must have seen many snakes so far, but have you ever seen a blue snake..? We are sure you will say no to this question. Well, today we are going to show you the same snake. The snake is seen to be wrapped with roses and remains a matter of discussion at this time. A video of this rare scene on social media is becoming increasingly viral. People are very surprised to see this.

This video was shared by Twitter user @planetpng and he said in the caption, "Extremely amazing blue pit wiper. The video has so far received more than 1 lakh views and more than 6000 likes. Well, you can see that the person has caught a rose a blue little snake has been wrapped on it.

The person also rotates the flower slowly to make a video. In this video, the snake does not move its place, but the scene looks very interesting. Well after watching this scene, it looks like the snake loves roses. At the moment, this video has made a place in the hearts of all. Looking at this video, many people say that this snake is a ' blue pit wiper ' which is a poisonous and dangerous snake.

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