BMW Asks For Apology For 'Ok, Boomer' Blunder On Social Media Handle

Nov 22 2020 04:54 PM
BMW Asks For Apology For 'Ok, Boomer' Blunder On Social Media Handle

BMW issues apology as it faced flak for a caption which accompanied a photo of its latest iX offering. The community of Twitter was so quick to point out that the message was directed towards older people and was age discriminatory. So, in general, in bad taste where BMW's official handle a few days later decided to ask for an apology and said insulting anyone was not their intention.

Though while the time of filing this report, the main guilty tweet remains on BMW's official handle and there is another more somber message of apology. The message reads, "No matter what age you are, we hear you. We are sorry, it wasn’t our intention to insult anyone with meme slang. The way into the new world of mobility is bumpy, but we hope you join us on the journey." The company's flagship electric SUV is like the German auto giant, hoping to take big paces in the world of battery-powered vehicles. Boomer is a meme expression which is often sought to indicate that older people are either unwilling or may be incapable of swiftly adjusting to new ways.

BMW said that its cars are engineered to handle every curve in their way but that the curve ahead referring to the infection curve was unprecedented. Then later this tweet was deleted after it was said to be insensitive.


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