Board exams 2018; 7 tricks to sharpen memory

Mar 05 2018 01:26 PM
Board exams 2018; 7 tricks to sharpen memory

Being the month of exams, March comes with tension and stress into families who have students of class 10th and 12th. Early morning revisions, less sleep, exam fever are common traits that can be seen in the students appearing for boards.
From today the board exams of 10th & 12th CBSE and 10th MP Board are going to unwrap their set of questions.
To get prepared for the papers here are 7 hacks to improve your memory:

1) 10-20 minutes walk before an exam is a good option to loos stress.
2)Try to revise with a loud voice instead silent reading. It will draw all your attention to the words you say.
3)Teaching topics to an invisible character can enhance your knowledge as it can drive good examples spontaneously.
4)Take regular breaks, to let your brain take some rest.
5)Try to solve the question papers of past 5 years.
6)Try to speed up your writing which can help you during your exam time.
7)Maintain a separate notebook of theories and formulae for a quick review or revision.


It is to be noted that: 

This year Central Board Of Secondary education has come up with a new notice for the students who are suffering from sudden illness or rendered incapacitated due to an accident. these students can avail the use of 'Scribes', which are made available from the examination center for free of cost.
The duty of allocating the scribe would be given to the Centre Superintendent of the exam centre. The individual who will be allotted should be from a junior class and the candidates who want to avail this service need to have a recommendation from the medical officer. these candidates and scribes would be sitting in the separate rooms under the supervision. 

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