Bob Dylan first ever pop singer to win a Noble Prize !
Bob Dylan first ever pop singer to win a Noble Prize !

Bob Dylan, an American song writer, singer, musician, artist and writer is topping the charts once again in his mid 70’s. The American pop sensation who is best known for his mind-blowing lyrics, and texture of voice is now raised to be a Noble Prize Winner very soon. Yes. But in what category would he get his noble prize in? He’s not an activist, nor a messenger of peace, neither has he written any literature like novels or poetries and also he’s not a scientist or an economist and since there aren’t any awards in there for Artists and singers. Then how come is he getting such honour? The honour which is considered the biggest recognition a human can get in his lifetime.

Turns out, the man who is considered as the greatest American song artist, who’s lyrics incorporate a wide range of political, social, philosophical, and literary influences is getting a Nobel Prize in the Literature category, well its not even confirmed that he might get a noble prize but if does get one, its going  to be a big hustle.


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