These actresses crossed all the lines of boldness to save sinking career

May 23 2020 05:17 PM
These actresses crossed all the lines of boldness to save sinking career

There are many actresses in Bollywood who did everything to save their careers. Yes, although the actress is famous for her performance and her beauty but their films start getting flop. Today we are going to tell you about some actresses who gave many bold scenes to save their film career. Yes, when she got older, she stopped getting films and work, then she agreed to give bold scenes. Let's know about them.

Rani Mukherjee - Rani Mukerji's name is included in the beautiful actress of Bollywood. Rani, known for her powerful style, started coming down in her career with increasing age. At the same time, there came a time when he stopped getting films. After that, in the year 2000, during this time, he gave many bold scenes with Kamal Haasan in the film 'Hey Ram'. After that, she became a little famous again.

Tabu Hashmi - Tabu has worked in many Bollywood films. Yes, in the year 2004, when his career did not go, he worked in Tamil films. At the same time, she had a film called Raja Lillai. Tabu gave very bold scenes in this film.

Raveena Tandon - Ravina, who is famous for her strong style, is different. She is famous for his best style and even today people are crazy about him. But there was a time when he had done a lot of bold scenes with Chiranjeevi in the course of saving his sinking career.

Zarine Khan - Zarine Khan took an entry in Bollywood from the film Veer. He got a lot of love from the audience but this film could not become a hit. After this film, she appeared in many films but when she started flopping, she resorted to boldness. She became bold and gave bold scenes.

Aishwarya Rai - Who does not know Aishwarya Rai who rules over people's hearts in Bollywood with her blue eyes. Ash has given fierce hits in Bollywood, but after marriage his career began to sink. He stopped doing films. When she returned, she appeared in the film 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil'. In this film, Ash gave fiercely bold scenes with Ranbir Kapoor, 19 years younger than himself.

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