'Bollywood is not my father's...', says Urfi Javed about entry into films

Famous TV actress Urfi Javed is always in the headlines due to her unique outfits and outspoken rhetoric. Her discussions are everywhere but still Urfi is not getting work. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Urfi Javed told many such things that you will be shocked to know.

Due to her interview, Urfi Javed told many things from her outfit to her entry into Bollywood. When Urfi was asked in the interview whether she wears this type of outfit to get attention. In response, Urfi said, "Those who say that they don't want attention, they lie. Attention is good for everyone. I can't get movies. So am I not doing good to myself like this?''

Why don't you work in the films? Replying to this question, Urfi said, "Bollywood is not my father's. If I think I'll get the job quickly, it'll be wrong. I need to give at least 5 years in Bollywood right now. Regarding the casting director in the world of cinema, Urfi was asked if you have started sending them photos. To this, Urfi Javed said, "I think every casting director will know this.'' After this revelation of the Urfi, people are giving different kinds of reactions.  

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