These mobile games are based on Indian films

There are many mobile games available on the Google Play Store, which are based on Indian films. There are games like MS Dhoni World Cricket Bash and Sultan. Currently, these games are not technically as effective as other popular games, but they are still popular among the people due to the characters present in them. So today we will tell you about those mobile games, which are based on Indian films. 

MSD: World Cricket Bash
In 2016, the MS Dhoni The Untold Story game was launched by tech company Hungama Cricket. The game featured former Indian captain and two-time World Cup winner MS Dhoni. Talking about the game, you will get modes like challenges, stories and wicketkeeping in this game. Apart from this, you will get a chance to bowl as well as bowling in this game. The size of this game is 92 MB.

If you like to play strategy making games, then you will definitely like the Bahubali game too. In this game, you can use different hero characters as well to build an army according to your own. In 2017 this game got a place in the most popular games of Google Play Store.

Dhoom 3
Based on the film Dhoom 3, this game has been introduced for the special racing game lovers. In this game, you have to escape from the police vehicles and helicopters amidst the crowded traffic. During this time you can dodge police vehicles using the throttle. As you cross the first stop of the game, the new avatar will unlock with a new racing suit and superbike.

Salman Khan's film Sultan is one of the popular films. In this game, you will have to fight with different wrestlers as Sultan and with each victory, your strength and health will increase, which will come in handy at the next level.

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