Booster shots, vaccines offer reliable defence against severe COVID

According to a latest study conducted in New York, the Covid-19 vaccine, booster shots, and prior infection can all help lower the chance of infection in the future while also lowering the likelihood of hospitalisation and death.

The study, which was released in JAMA, demonstrated the effectiveness of the Covid-19 primary series vaccinations one and a half years after administration.

The researcher Danyu Lin from the University of North Carolina said, "Our work gives the most complete characterizations of the effectiveness of main and booster immunization and prior infection in the US." The level of protection decreases over time, but the researchers claim that omicron infection can prevent re-infection with omicron.
More than 10 million patients infected with various Covid-19 strains between March 2020 and June 2022 were included in the study.

The protection against hospitalisation and mortality persisted even when the efficacy of both vaccinations and past infection decreased with time, particularly against infection with the omicron variant.

Even after a year and a half, the researchers discovered that people who had received the initial series of vaccinations were less likely than those who had not to contract an infection or suffer serious consequences from one than those who had not. In comparison to those who only received the primary series, those who received a booster dose shown greater protection.

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