Bored of Long trips? these ideas will make your trip exciting

May 20 2019 06:31 PM
Bored of Long trips? these ideas will make your trip exciting

From purchasing a new suitcase to getting the perfect anti tan cream, the vacation season is upon us and we bet you're just as excited. But if you're going on a road trip, not all trips look as fun as the three boys had in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Wondering how to kill time and actually have a ball at the road trip?

We've listed down five cool things to do:


Put your love for your technology to good use and take pictures of everything. From a monument, you spotted on the way to your delicious meal at a little inn, journal everything that you can look back when you're having a hard day. Just looking back and reminiscing the happy thoughts will put a smile on your face.

Reconnect with your pal

You will literally be going down the philosophical road with almost no access to social media. This is your perfect window to reconnect with your friend and discuss all those things that you've been dodging all this while. From trashing the old Boyfriend to shedding a few tears, make the most of this time that you have with your best friend.

Organize and Chart

With a few hours in your hand, you can use the free time to actually chart and organize your time for when you get home after the vacation. From quirky planners to your weekly diet chart, carry some colourful papers, glitter pens and chart your schedules and meals that will be Instagram-worthy.


It may sound dull, but knitting is a great activity to increase your concentration. With your hands and attention on the ball of wool, not only will you knit a beautiful gift, but you won't even realise how time flies by. Play some melodious beats, sit back and knit for a couple of hours.


Whether it's your hectic work schedule or the fact that your kids keep you up all night long, the body requires its minimum hours of sleep. And there's no better time to catch up on your sleep than on a road trip. With everyone busy with something or the other, allow yourself to drift off into sweet slumber and enjoy a good sleep that will definitely help you feel fresh.

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