Bose launched wireless headphone with sunglasses in India

Jun 15 2019 05:15 PM
Bose launched wireless headphone with sunglasses in India

In the Indian market, American sound products company Bose has launched a special type of sunglasses. The highlight is the launch of audio sunglass with augmented reality support. The launch in sunglasses, named as Bose francs, is priced at Rs 21,900. With these glasses, Bose has also launched the Bose francs collection, the company will be launching the product from June 20 next week.

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For your information, these new Bose francs will feature 3 features in the same device. They will feature premium sunglasses, wireless headphones, and audio AR features. In the meanwhile, the Bose franchise will meet in two kinds of style large alto and smaller rondo. The Bose frame lens collection is priced at Rs 1,990, and the polarised lens price is starting at Rs 2,990. Bose is given a small Bose audio system in Frames and will also work like wireless headphones. They will also feature microphones, multi-function buttons, Siri, Google assistance. It will also be able to connect to the smartphone.

The style of this magnificent glance will be large alto big and square, while Rondo will be shorter and rounded. That's where both will weigh 45 grams and are up 99 percent to UVA/. UVB will prevent the rays from reaching the eyes. The lens will also be removed and replaced. Bose AR apps can be downloaded through the Bose Connect app, currently, it will be in iOS and the Android app is also in the development stage. The company claims that the battery in it offers standby of 12 hours and a playback backup of 3.5 hours, and the full charge can be done in just 2 hours. That won't spoil your time.

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