This boy did outstanding exercise, Watch video

May 25 2020 06:53 PM
This boy did outstanding exercise, Watch video

Videos are often viral on social media. Recently, a video is going viral very fast, after seeing which you will also say that from tomorrow I too will try. The kind of exercise that the boy has done in this video is capable. It is clear in this video that a boy is skipping at his house. He is not doing skipping like others, but is seen skipping top class.

His agility is worth seeing in this exercise. He stands for a few seconds with the first skipping rope in his hand. As if he is concentrating. After this, skipping starts. In this, he does normal skipping first. After this, standing on both hands and then anti-clockwise starts skipping. During this, he does many amazing skipping steps, which you will be surprised to see. The song is playing in the background. When he completes the skipping task, he also says 'Yes' in happiness.

This video has been shared by Buitengebieden on his account on social media Twitter. In this caption, he has written, 'How can this happen?' So far, 11 thousand people have watched this video and more than 474 people have liked it.

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