Sister in love with brother, said- 'I will only marry my brother'

Rajgarh: A strange case has come to light in the Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. Yes, there was a love affair between a boy and a girl here and after that, both went to meet at a temple. Yes, but during this time the girl's family noticed and after that caught the boy and one of his friends and tied them to the tree. Both were beaten up fiercely by the people of the village. The police, who reached after the information, rescued both and took them to the Kotwali. At the same time, the girl who was angry about this incident consumed poison, after which she was admitted to the hospital. At the same time, it was found in the hospital that both the boy and the girl are siblings in the relationship. According to information about this case, an 18-year-old girl from a village in the Rajgarh district first had a friendship with a boy from a nearby village and after that, both of them fell in love.

In this case, it is being told that the girl had gone out of her house to meet the boy, but in the meantime, the boy along with a friend reached the Jalpa temple to meet her. After reaching here, both of them started roaming and in the meantime, the family members of the girl reached there looking for her. During this, they saw both of them together and after that, the girl's family caught both the boys with the help of the villagers and tied them to a tree outside the village and beat them up. At the same time, the girl hurt by this incident went home and drank insecticide, which worsened her condition. On this, the family took her in a critical condition and reached the district hospital Rajgarh, where she is undergoing treatment.

In this case, both the youths say that they were tied to the tree at four o'clock in the evening and kept tied till 9:45 pm. As soon as the police got information about this matter, the police reached the night and rescued both the youths and brought them to the Kotwali located at the district headquarters. Now the police are investigating the matter. On the other hand, after the incident, when the relatives of the boy and the girl reached the district hospital, they came to know that both the lover and the girlfriend seem to be brothers and sisters in the relationship and the girl is of Jethani and the boy is of Devrani. At this time the girl admitted to the hospital says that she wants to marry that boy only. If she doesn't, she is threatening to kill herself. However, at present, the police have started the investigation by recording the statement of the girl.

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