Man arrested for killing girlfriend in Lakhimpur

Aug 11 2019 03:09 PM
Man arrested for killing girlfriend in Lakhimpur

The body of a woman was found on the Lakhimpur Kheri roadside on Saturday in Sadar Kotwali area. According to reports, the police identified the body within five hours and arrested her boyfriend of another community within a few hours. In this case, the police have jailed her boyfriend in the murder of the woman. Talking about this, Inspector-in-Charge Fateh Singh said, "The body of a woman was found lying on the sugarcane farm on Saturday. The deceased was identified as Renu Jaiswal, wife of Chhotu, a resident of Hathipur (Arjunpurwa). After the incident, the police investigated and after questioning the husband of the deceased woman, Hidayatnagar resident Aamir was arrested," he said.

Talking further in the case, the police said, the accused in the interrogation said that "in one case, Renu Jaiswal's husband has been jailed for 13 years and had a relationship with Renu. Her relationship has been around seven years. On June 19, when he was born in Sitapur, he distanced himself from Renu. Renu pressured her to marry him or send him to jail on charges of rape. On July 25, Aamir had signed a contract to stay as a husband and wife on a stamp paper when he was under constant pressure. He stayed with him too.

In the meantime, he planned to get Renu out of his way and took Renu on the Gauratara route on Friday evening, where he got a chance to strangle and kill him," the police officer said, "In the case, the police officer has filed a case in several serious sections, including the murder of the woman." The tax accused Amir has been jailed," he said.

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