'Breakup! if got vaccinated,' boyfriend threatens girlfriend

The havoc of coronavirus has subsided these days but the vaccine is most important to avoid it. However, a shocking case has come to light recently. In fact, a young man from the UK has made a strange threat to his girlfriend about the vaccine. Under the information received, the young man told his girlfriend, 'If you get a corona vaccine, I'll break up with you.' According to a report on a famous website, the girl shared the story of her boyfriend on Reddit social media platform.

In fact, she said, 'My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for a year. I had the first dose of the corona vaccine long ago. But when it was time to get another dose done, the boyfriend started making strange threats. The boyfriend flatly refused to take a second dose. Not only that, he said that if I got vaccinated, he would leave me, that is, break up. However, at first, the girl thought the boyfriend was joking, but later it turned out that he was serious.'

The girl is now worried that if she does not complete the vaccination, she will lose her studies and her relationship may break down if she completes the vaccination. Due to this, the girl has sought public opinion on Reddit. Now you tell what the girl should do?

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