Brad Pitt files case against ex-wife, know what the case is
Brad Pitt files case against ex-wife, know what the case is

The litigation among Hollywood celebs is still going on. The controversy between the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been much talked about. However, Johnny Depp was proved innocent in this case in the court. Meanwhile, another such news was also heard. Now Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has filed a case in the court accusing his ex-wife Angelina Jolie of serious charges. The actress has cited her image being damaged behind it. Former actor Brad Pitt said in legal documents submitted to the court that he had been harmed.

Actor Brad Pitt files suit in court: Actor Brad Pitt has also filed a lawsuit in court. He alleged that Angelina Jolie had deliberately damaged his Miraval wine business with the intention of tarnishing his image. Pitt has filed a lawsuit in court saying that the couple had agreed never to sell their shares without each other's consent. Pitt has accused Jolie of taking "unearned" advantage. Let me tell you that last year Jolie sold her share of the vineyard of southern France. Interestingly, it was at this place that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married.

Angelina has no contribution to the business: Brad Pitt has called it a betrayal, saying that his exc wife Angelina Jony has never contributed to his Miraval wine business so far. Brad's legal team filed a reply in court, saying that Angelina Jolie was deliberately trying to "harm" him. On behalf of her legal team, it was said that Angelina Jolie had also secretly carried out the alleged sale. They have kept Pitt in the dark and have violated the rights of the contract.

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