Brahmi will give fast memory and relief from stress, know its benefits
Brahmi will give fast memory and relief from stress, know its benefits

Brahmi is also included in the memory-enhancing medicines of the world of Ayurveda. This is also called Brahmi Boonti. At the same time, it is known by many names like- White Chamni, Soumalata, Neerbrahmi, Jalabrahmi and Jalvari etc. With this its scientific name is Bacopa monnieri. Let us tell you that Brahmi, besides being an intellect, suppresses bile, provides coolness, removes toxic elements from the body, beneficial in phlegm, helps in blood purification, beneficial in skin diseases and in heart weakness. is useful. Now we tell you the benefits of its consumption.

Consumption of its juice and honey is beneficial in high blood pressure.

To increase memory power, a mixture of brahmi powder, black pepper, almond kernel should be consumed in the morning and evening.

If you feel a burning sensation in the body, then soak its powder and coriander in water at night. In the morning, after retiring from the toilet, churn this mixture a lot and drink it after filtering it.

It is beneficial to drink sugar candy mixed with its juice in urinary diseases, intermittent urination, burning sensation in urine etc.

If sleep does not come properly, then taking its powder with cow's milk is beneficial.

People suffering from baldness and hair loss should consume its powder regularly for a month, it will be beneficial.

Note- If you are going to consume Brahmi, then first consult your doctor.

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