Brando Chiesa: Becoming a brand with his suave & stylish tattoo designs
Brando Chiesa: Becoming a brand with his suave & stylish tattoo designs

There are many artists in the world in various fields that just bowl us over with the exceptional & innate talents. they are born with. It is just amazing to know that such real diamonds are shaping the world with their skills into something that seems unreal yet so incredible. Tattooing is one such skill that is well-appreciated. As cool & as easy this may sound, it is definitely not. Some take this as a serious career & yet do not succeed in the field because one needs to have creativity, vision and skill to draw out a visual that is in your mind onto a body. There are some rare people are so talented that it only takes one thought or idea to transform it into an exceptional tattoo.

Deciding to get a tattoo is not a very tough decision, but to know from where to get it done is challenging. Trusting someone to work on your skin or body to draw a tattoo can be hard. You cannot trust just anybody & everybody for this task. But, if you are in & around Florence, Italy, the best thing you can do is to just head to Brando Chiesa, a renowned tattoo artist for getting the best of designs & modish tattoos according to your desires & also according to the current styles in the industry. Born on October 5, 1987, in Erba (a commune in Italy) & brought up in Florence, Brando completed his education from Artistic high school & having a flair for sketching made him become a tattooer & an illustrator that the world knows today.

Every design is distinct from the other & yet in vogue is what can be called the USP of Brando. Many celebrities are crazy for getting inked by Brando & do not shy away from flaunting it too with well-defined designs & Brando with his unique style create something for them that make heads turn. He designs the tattoos keeping in mind the personality of the person; this is another reason why he is the best in the industry. Today, several celebs from Hollywood turn to Brando for getting inked. The proof is his Instagram account that is filled with the stars of the industry who follow him. Not just this, there are many people who travel to Italy, especially to get inked by the man himself. He has his own website as well by his own name Brando Chiesa & the radiant tones & his choice of realistic art are quite evident in all his work.

A hobby for sketching got transformed into the art of tattooing & Brando showed the world that little hobbies in childhood could prove to be stepping stones in carving a bright future. Wishing this dexterous tattoo artist the best & hope that he keeps creating varied & creative art with his tattoo designs.

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