'Coronavirus made in lab...' Brazil's President reverses statement after China's name in media
'Coronavirus made in lab...' Brazil's President reverses statement after China's name in media

Brasilia: Is coronavirus infection a part of China's new strategy? There is talk all over the world that the world is now moving towards bio-war and cyberwar, where the battle will be fought not with state-of-the-art missiles and guns, but with such viruses and computer hacking. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has indirectly termed the corona epidemic as china's new conspiracy during an event on Wednesday. However, they later turned around.

Bolsonaro has expressed apprehension without naming that China may have created the Coronavirus in its lab and could be a part of the biological warfare policy adopted by China for economic gains. He said it is a new virus and no one knows whether it was made in a laboratory or reached out to humans because someone ate an infected animal. He said this is a reality. Bolsonaro said his army knows that it is a part of chemical, bacteriological, or radiological warfare. He questioned whether we are not facing a new war.

At the same time, he also asked, "Which is the country whose GDP has grown the most among all?" Last year, when there was an economic slowdown all over the world, China's GDP increased by 2.3 percent. China is Brazil's largest economic partner in terms of trade. Later, when the news came to the media, Bolsonaro blamed the media for the same and said that he had not named any of his Asian countries (China). He said the media wants to create a dispute between Brazil and China.

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