BREAKING! 65-year-old man marries 23-year-old girl in UP

Lucknow: A 65-year-old man struck a 23-year-old woman's neck with lightning. He married a 23-year-old girl who is 42 years younger than him at Maam Kamyakhya Dham Temple in Mawai Block, Ayodhya. The wedding was on Sunday.

Groom Nakhad Yadav is the father of six young ladies. All of them are married. Nakhad says that after the death of his wife, he was single and remarried. 

Naqad said that all his daughters live happily in their homes with their husbands and children and the marriage was with everyone's approval. The bride Nandini said that she is very happy with the groom even though there is a big age difference. 

He said that after the death of his wife, he faced loneliness.

“All my daughters are living a happy life with their husbands and children in their in-laws’ house. People from both sides were present on the occasion of marriage and the consent of the woman and her family members was also taken before the marriage was solemnised,” he shared the words with media.

The bride Nandini said that she was happy with her groom and felt that the age difference would not matter.

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