Brent was working on Ukrainian refugees in risky areas, attack occurred
Brent was working on Ukrainian refugees in risky areas, attack occurred

For the 19th day between Russia and Ukraine War, the war continues unabated. Thousands of soldiers have lost their lives so far in this war between the two countries. Many citizens have also lost their lives in this war. Meanwhile, news of the loss of lives of a US movie, N. Rimata and journalist Brent Renaud, has been heard, and on Friday, Brent Renaud's car was hit by Russian forces in an open fire in the Ukrainian city of Irpin. According to an AFP report, Brent lost his life in this attack. Another journalist, Juan Arredondo, who was with him, was admitted to the hospital in an injured state. 

The New York Times journalist was a resident of Brent: 50-year-old Brent was a resident of Arkansas (U.S.). Brent was a movie producer as well as a New York Times journalist. After his death, The Publications issued a statement saying that Brent did not go to Ukraine on behalf of the publication. They were making a report on refugees in Ukraine. Ukraine's interior ministry said Ukraine has suffered heavy bombings by Russia in the past few days.  

Brent's neck was attacked:  Brent's life has not yet been given away by the Ukrainian authorities,  but American journalist Juan Arredondo said they were both heading towards the Irpin checkpoint when they were attacked. Juan was admitted to the hospital in Kyiv. He said Brent was hit in the neck.   In a conversation with a news agency, Juan said, "We crossed the first bridge of Irp Ni, we were about to shoot for another R. Fizzy leaving the country, we sat in the car, one person offered to take us to another bridge. We passed through the checkpoint and they (Russian army) started attacking." 

Vigilance showed in risky areas: Brent has also been honoured for his documentary 'Arming the Mexican Cartels' on drug gang violence, smuggling of weapons from the US. Brent has also created several fun-filled documentaries with his brother Craig Renaud. The two brothers were awarded the Peabody Award for 'Last Chance High', according to media reports, which has made documentaries in many dangerous areas of the world. Brent continued his work in the war of Iraq and Afghanistan, from the earthquake in Haiti, from the turmoil of diplomacy in Egypt and Libya, and in extremism in Africa. His death has been mourned by those who knew him and his close friends, and film producer Christof Putzel has expressed grief over Brent's death in the war, saying that he was among the most prominent independent producers of his time. Christof was also messaged by Brent three days before his death. 

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