These footwears will add charm to the bride's look!

Sep 06 2019 10:28 PM
These footwears will add charm to the bride's look!

Everyone wants to look special on the wedding day. The wedding day itself is such a special day on which the girl looks dainty from top to bottom. The lehenga and makeup play an important role in making the bridal look special, but apart from this, if you focus on other things too, then your look can be more beautiful. Similar is with the brides with their footwear. For the bride, her sandals should be matching and trendy with her outfits. Today we are going to tell you about some of the latest trendy footwear.

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Gold heels
Gold heels are an Evergreen option for the brides, as well as everyone likes it at first sight. Not only red and gold, but these heels suit the shade of every shade. Short girls should team up with their outfits. These heels make you look very royal.

Shimmery blue
The shimmer is the party wear in itself, such that if worn with the trendy footwear Bridal Look your look and will be even more special. If you are wearing Lehenga of light colour then these will suit you the best.

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Golden pumps
This is the latest and trending sandal. If you look at the celebs, then they are also carrying such footwear a lot. There is also an advantage with this sandal that you can carry it in the function after marriage.

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Red velvet sandals
Believe it is not out of the fashion but a trending sandal. If you are thinking about trying a gown or some other dress at your wedding, then this sandal is best for you. It will bring you a different grace in your personality as well as make you look taller.

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