VIDEO: Bride and groom did something in the middle of the wedding that left people stunned!

A variety of good and bad videos go viral on social media day in and day out. There are many videos that touch the heart and many videos that make the mind look like this go viral. Now recently also a video is going viral which is of a wedding. Something is happening in this video that will make you enjoy watching. This video is of a wedding. The video is currently going viral and people are praising the bride and groom.



Nowadays, wedding videos are increasingly journeying the way on social media. Now in the meantime, the wedding video is also making a splash. In this video, you can see the bride and groom sitting for the wedding. Meanwhile, Panditji is reading the mantra, but suddenly both of them start playing with a water bottle. The people present there are stunned to see this.

Now many people are surprised to see this video and many are calling it fun. After watching this video, many people have written in comments about who does this at the wedding. This video has been shared on Instagram from an account called 'photos_for_couple.' However, users are also seen taking a dig at the video. If you also want to say something, you can react to comments.

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