Suddenly bridge broken and people washed away in water, video of scary scene going viral

Nowadays there are a variety of videos that are shocking. Sometimes videos of natural disasters also surface. Now once again a shocking video is going viral. This video is shocking which you can watch. In fact, in this video, a bridge suddenly breaks down and many people are swept away by the strong breeze of water. Tell you that it is a scary scene and anyone can get goosebumps when you see it. The incident was captured on CCTV and the video of the incident is now going viral on social media.



A post shared by Meme wala (@memewalanews)

According to reports, the dreaded scene is from a place in Brazil. Well in the video you can see that the bridge looks perfect. Some people are also seen walking on it, but as soon as they try to walk from the other side of the bridge to this side, after coming to the shore, the bridge suddenly breaks down and the strong flow of water carries 2-3 people with it. You can see that the flow of water was so fast that it was almost impossible to get out of there safely.

However, that flow of water does not give them enough opportunity to get out of the water. You can see what terrible incident can happen to them the next moment. However, they don't know that their lives change in a jiffy. However, the video has been shared on Instagram with a username called memewalanews, which has been viewed by millions of people so far.

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