Bring this one thing at home to be rich overnight

Jun 12 2019 07:46 PM
Bring this one thing at home to be rich overnight

Let all of you tell you that there are many things in Hinduism which are called sacred, and things which have peace of mind and prosperity in the house. All of them are going to tell you about a vastu today. It is said that being in the possession of this object always leads to the grace of Goddess Lakshmi in life and with that all the pleasures in life. Indeed, what we are talking about is the Octagon Lotus. It is said that the Octagon Lotus is considered to be very sacred, because it is considered to be the epitome of the Sakshat Devi Lakshmi.\

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In the Scriptures, the eight forms of goddess Lakshmi are mentioned in the Octagon Lotus and are believed to be seated in these eight swaras. The reason for which the Lotus is also possessed is happiness, prosperity, money, splendour and wealth. Let all of you tell you that the octagon is made of Lotus Gold, silver, octagon and quartz, and the octagon should have a north-east direction in their home, shop or business establishment. With this, it is said that this direction is considered to be a dev place.

In the same way, the Octagon can keep the Lotus in the house as a decoration and as a form of gods and goddesses, and if you keep the house as decoration, the answer to the house , Eastern or north-eastern can put on the wall. Yes, the Octagon is said to be where the lotus is applied, there is an excessive amount of positive energy flow and it removes all negative energy from the house.

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