Britain: Girlfriend was beaten to death, the body was cut into pieces and thrown in the dustbin

London - A man brutally murdered his girlfriend in Britain. The girlfriend was living with her boyfriend (Boyfriend). But one day there was a quarrel between the two, after which the man beat the woman to death. Later, he cut the corpse into pieces and threw it into the dustbin.

However, police did not find the woman's body, claiming that the man had burnt the woman's body. The court has sentenced him to extremely strict punishment for his brutal act. The girlfriend's murderer will remain in jail all his life. According to media reports, Kirby Simone Nodon, 32, of Cornwall, lived with her boyfriend Dean Lov. Dean Lov used to brutalize the young woman while having sex. Meanwhile, in 2017, the two got into a fight in the bedroom. After which Dean beat his girlfriend Simone to death.

During the court hearing, it was reported that Dean Lov was cynical by nature. She was also drunk too. Simone was also drunk with him. Simone was not granted custody of her children because of the same addiction. She had left her family and moved in with Dean Lov.

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