Hotel owners Abdul and Amjad arrested for serving shit food to customers

London: This news is very important for you and your family members, because all of you are also outside. You will have to eat in dhabas, restaurants, hotels etc. and you will never pay attention to whether the dhaba, restaurant, hotel is of religious fanatics or someone else.

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In the picture of the two fanatics, the name of the first one is Mohammad Abdul Basit, and the name of the second one is Amjad, both were running hotels for a long time, where people used to sit or have food or take the pack home. Both arrested and jailed. According to DailyMail's report, about 50 of their customers told different types of infections to the doctors, when it was investigated, it was found that everyone is suffering from food poisoning, the investigation revealed that the food that these people ate was human's shit (excreta). A 13-year-old girl got an infection that she had to get admitted to the ICU, doctors saved her life with great effort.

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The only thing common among all these 150 people is that they all bought food from the kebab shop near Khyber, then suddenly the investigation team also reached this hotel and confiscated the food, it was found that it mixed human's excreta. After this, Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad, who run the hotel, were arrested, the incident is from Nottingham, UK. Food was being prepared in 2 different places in the hotel, clean food was being made in one place and human excreted in another, these fanatics used to feed human excreta to all the people except their religion.

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