WHO's big statement 'UK variant of corona strain detected in 41 countries'

On one hand, the whole world is worried about Corona, while the new strain of corona has created an outcry across the world, every day someone is constantly falling victim to the virus, and more The new strain has increased people's troubles even more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the redesigned covid19 discovered in Britain has been seen in 41 countries. As of this, WHO said in a statement released on Tuesday, "As of January 5, five to 6 cases of the redesigned covid19 discovered in Britain have been found in 40 other countries. WHO said that initially in South Africa And in six other countries this form of infection was detected."

It has been noted that on 14 December the UK announced the new version of the covid19 that spreads 70 percent faster. After which many countries have postponed their flights to Britain.

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