This model to marry a dog after dating 220 men

Jul 24 2019 11:48 AM
This model to marry a dog after dating 220 men

Some people love their pets. They can do anything for them. Today we're going to tell you a case in which a model is going to marry her dog. It sounds strange, but recently it has been revealed that a model has decided to 'marry' her dog. The model says that the experience of dating men was not good and that's why she decided to marry a dog.

Surprisingly, the model has decided after dating 220 men. In her life, she has dated 220 men and has had a bad experience, which led her to marry a dog. British model Elizabeth Hode hopes to convince a church pastor to marry her 6-year-old Golden Retriever dog Logan. According to information, Elizabeth, who lives in Burks, UK, has been engrossed twice before. But not married. She says she's tired of men. She said: "I went on date with 220 men through 6 dating sites in the past 8 years. But it's not good.'

Furthermore, Elizabeth has also made plans to marry a dog. According to a report, the woman will wear the wedding ring while Logan will wear a wristband. Only 20 people will be called to the wedding. The Elizabeth Dog will then go for a honeymoon at the Friendly Hotel. Elizabeth is quite happy with this butt too.

Elizabeth says: 'I thought it would be nice to decide to marry Logan. He never goes away from me and we love each other. Many people will think, I'm crazy, but that's right. This is my way of expressing that we will live forever.

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