Britain using bedsheets to cover dead bodies of corona patients due to lack of body bag

London: The number of corona infections worldwide has exceeded 1.8 million. The number of people who died due to this has exceeded one lakh 14 thousand. In the USA, Britain, Spain, Italy, Corona has caused uproar. The number of people who died due to corona infection in Britain increased to 10,612. 84,279 people are infected. Britain's preparations for this situation are also seen to be collapsing.

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There were earlier reports that medical staff here do not have access to kits. Now the pace of death is so fast here that there are nobody bags left to keep the corpses near the hospitals. They are being wrapped in bedsheets. There is also no use of any kind of plastic or cloth inside these bed sheets. Due to which the risk of infection is increasing in other people also.

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The number of people who died of coronavirus in America has reached beyond 22 thousand. According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, New York City of America has been the most affected by this deadly virus. So far, 6898 people have died due to this. According to university figures, so far Corona has been screened in the US with 28.06 lakh people, of which 4.62 lakh have been screened only in New York City.

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