The couple set a world record, the reason is their height difference!

It is said that couples are made by God, and only hearts are found on the ground. Well, today we are going to tell you one such story. This is the story of James and Chloe of Britain. There is a big difference in the height of these two husbands and wives, but still, the hearts of the two have been matched. Now the two love each other very much, and at the same time, the name of this husband and wife, who have the highest difference in their height, is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Guinness World Records has revealed that "the difference in height of this couple in the category of married people of different sexes is the highest in the world. There is a gap of about two feet between them. While his wife Chloe is 5 feet 5 inches tall, James is about two feet short of him 3 feet 7 inches.''

James is an actor, his wife Chloe is a teacher. The two first met at a local pub in 2012 and met through their mutual friend. At the beginning of the meeting, the two were apprehensive about building a relationship with each other, but in December 2013, the two got along openly. James then asked Chloe to get married during a tour in a lake in north Wales, and she agreed to the relationship. The two then got married in 2016. Now both of them also have a daughter named Olivia.

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