These pictures were taken by a UK photographer tells 'Gyanvapi is not a mosque, but a temple'

Amid the continuous controversy over the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, some pictures are going viral. These pictures are said to be from 1863-1870. In fact, the photographer's name of these photos is said to be a Uk photographer Samuel Bourne. He took all these pictures between the years 1863-1870 and now that the issue of Gyanvapi Temple (Mosque) has come up, these pictures are fast going viral on social sites. So what's the truth about these photos? 

What is the truth of the photos - in fact, these pictures are of the Gyanvapi temple. Between 1863 and 1870, Gyanvapi used to be a temple and not a mosque and these pictures are a testimony to that. Below these pictures, you can see the clear and golden letters written "Gyanvapi or well of knowledge, Banaras". From this word, it is clear that it was not the Gyanvapi mosque but the temple, which was converted into a mosque. You can see that in this picture, the carvings of Hanuman Ji's idol, bells and pillars are clearly visible. In fact, this is the case of that period, however, the Gyanvapi Mosque Survey conducted some time ago has also found evidence of this and it is being said that there are idols of other Hindu deities inside the so-called mosque. Looking at the outer structure of the mosque built by demolishing the temple, it can be clearly said that it has been converted into a mosque by transforming the craftsmanship of an ancient temple. However, many people are not willing to believe it.

What is the matter - A three-day survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque was conducted and in this case, the Hindu petitioners had requested to allow their worship, claiming to have idols inside the mosque premises. In fact, the petitioners say that there is a presence of Hindu idols in the mosque and in a report that has come out, it has been said that the pillars of the basement of the mosque have a flower carving and a Kalash. Along with this, a Shivling has also been found in the mosque, which is being described as a fountain by the Muslim side. However, pictures taken by photographer Samuel Bourne are going viral on social media and people say that no more proof is required!

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