This star always walks with a toothbrush; know more

Sep 15 2019 06:24 PM
This star always walks with a toothbrush; know more

Just as we all have some strange habits, in the same way the film stars too. However, the habits of some celebs are so strange that if you know about them, you will laugh. Let me tell you that now talking about British singer Liam Gallagher, a strange story is attached to him. He has a habit of brushing again and again.

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He always carries a toothbrush with him and even if he is outside, he walks with a toothbrush and it is accepted by Liam Gallager himself. Recalling a recent incident, Liam has told that, 'I go out and always carry a brush with me so that whenever my fans get photographed with me, my smile is good and my teeth also glow. '

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The actor further said, 'When I went to Arsenal, the security guard asked me why this toothbrush? So I said on this that Arsenal's red wine is very good. Obviously I will be stuck here in welcoming. I do not want to look like I have eaten plums, especially when people demand a selfie with you every two seconds.

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