Britney Spears' sister made a shocking revelation

Noted Hollywood singer Britney Spears has been in the news for some time now over her personal life. Recently, singer's sister Jamie Lynn took to social media to break her silence on all the allegations against her. Her post is making a lot of headlines where many people are in support of Britney so many have started trolling her.

At knifepoint the sister was locked in the room;  According to media reports, Britney Spears recently made headlines when her sister revealed in her book Things I Never Said that Britney had been exploited. Jamie Lynn shared information about her sister's conduct and said Britney Spears is "irregular, crazy and spiralling." Jamie Lynn Spears said Britney had locked herself first and then Jamie Lynn Spears in a room holding a knife. Her statement has surprised everyone.

Though Britney had not made any statement on it so far, she has now issued a statement on social media rejecting all these allegations. In it she said that nothing like this had happened, it's all a lie.

Congratulations, you fell from my eyes: Britney posted on Twitter "Jamie Lynn.Congratulations Babe! You've fallen to a new level in my eyes. I had never been around you with a knife or had never even come to mind about doing so! The only knife I had ever seen at your house was to cut the biggest pieces of squash and that was huge for me to bite. So please don't write this nonsense as a lie in Hollywood books. Thanks for dropping your older sister, you won babe.

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