Britney took off her clothes after getting freedom from her father

American pop-star Britney Spears is extremely active on social media. She has been relieved of Dad Jamie Spears' guardianship in October. Jamie Spears had control over Britney's legal, medical, and financial decisions since 2008, which upset Britney. Britney is very happy after getting complete independence from Dad and often expresses that happiness on social media. The American pop star recently shared objectionable photos (Nude Pics) that are now fast going viral on social media.

Britney Spears's 'Free Energy': Britney Spears shared her two new mirror selfies on her Instagram. In both these pictures, Britney is seen wearing only socks. Sharing the pictures, she captioned it as 'Free woman energy has never felt better.'

Photos went viral on social media: Both pictures of Britney have now gone viral on social media. In the pictures, she is seen taking off all her clothes in front of the mirror. She edited a little and shared these photos. She has covered her private part with heart and upper breast part with flower emoticons.

Comment section closed: These two photos of Britney have been liked by about 18,49,084 people. She has closed her comment section by sharing photos.

If you want to see Britney's post Click Here.

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