Dead body of woman found hanging on pipe, police shocked

Feb 12 2020 01:40 PM
Dead body of woman found hanging on pipe, police shocked

Recently, a new case of crime has surfaced from the Heera village of Kumkalaan. After killing the woman, the murderers hung the dead bodies on the pipe with under-ground water in the fields. Seeing the dead body, the farm owner Bhagwant Singh informed the police about it. After getting information about the matter, the sarpanch of the village, as well as the police, went there. The deceased woman has not been identified so far.

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After investigation, the police took the body and sent it to the civil hospital for post-mortem. Bhagwant Singh has taken the land on contract in village Heera and sow wheat seed there. He goes to the fields every day to water them. On Monday evening, when he went to plant water in the fields, Bhagwant went ahead to see the leaves in the under ground pipe storing water and saw the body of the woman. He immediately informed the village sarpanch, Jaswant Singh, about this.

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He called the police to the spot and according to the police, there were minor bruises on the arms of the woman. In this case, the police tried to identify the woman, but nothing was found. Police is speculating that the woman is being raped.

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