BS Yeddyurappa stated BJP is going to win 22 Lok Sabha Seats in Karnataka
BS Yeddyurappa stated BJP is going to win 22 Lok Sabha Seats in Karnataka

Bangalore: In the previous general election, the BJP party won more than half of the Karnataka state’s 28 Lok Sabha seats. In 2014, the party won 17 seats and this time, state party president and previous chief minister, BS Yeddyurappa, said that the BJP will do great.

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On Wednesday in Bangalore, he stated, "This time PM Modi will come back to power. We are going to win more than 275 seats. In Karnataka, least we are going to win 22 seats. We have just visited the whole state. The condition is truly favorable for the BJP because of the Congress and JDS, and PM Modi's accomplishment over the most recent 4 years and 9 months."

While on the campaign trail in north Karnataka, Mr. Yeddyurappa had said that if the BJP won more than 22 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka, the party would also form the government in the state. In any case, he was more hesitant on that issue this time. He stated, "I would prefer not to say anything on that now. Our first target is to succeed at least 22 Lok Sabha seats and we need to make Modi ji Prime Minister."

Mr. Yeddyurappa said the difficulties looked by the ruling partners in Karnataka - the Congress and the JDS - when it came to seat sharing, would just benefit the BJP. "They are battling one another. That will be helpful to us."

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