BSF Thwarts Drone Threat: Downed 100+ Drones, Apprehended 37 Smugglers in 2023
BSF Thwarts Drone Threat: Downed 100+ Drones, Apprehended 37 Smugglers in 2023

Chandigarh: In 2023, the Border Security Force (BSF) stationed at the Punjab border successfully intercepted and brought down over 100 drones originating from across the border, apprehending 37 foreign nationals, including smugglers. The security forces released a comprehensive statement outlining their achievements, revealing that they detected and neutralized 107 drones while confiscating 442.395 kg of heroin, 23 weapons, and 505 rounds of ammunition.

Additionally, the BSF reported the elimination of three intruders from Pakistan, along with the apprehension of 23 Pakistani nationals (including two smugglers), 14 Bangladesh nationals, and 95 Indian suspects, including 35 smugglers. The statement noted that 12 Pakistani nationals inadvertently crossing the International Border (IB) were handed over to Pakistan Rangers.

The Border Security Force, Punjab Frontier, assumes the responsibility of securing the challenging and diverse 553-km Indo-Pakistan International Border in Punjab. Over the past five years, the forces have encountered a new challenge, with Pakistan utilizing drones to smuggle illegal arms and drugs across the border.

The Punjab government, grappling with the persistent drug issue in the state, has consistently accused Pakistan of contributing to the problem by supplying drugs and arms through drone operations. Last month, BSF Director General Nitin Agarwal highlighted the adoption of modern technologies, such as anti-drone systems and biometric devices, to enhance frontier security.

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