BTS Army’s Jungkook reveals his ‘Type’ and what he finds ‘cute’

One of the most renowned faces of the BTS Army,  Jungkook took to social media live and made some serious revelations. He has been working on his solo record. The actor was on midnight for four hours. During his chat with ARMYs, he even revealed a few details about his upcoming solo record and his type of girl..

 Jungkook recently went LIVE along with V. Jungkook even made quite a few surprise revelations throughout his four-hour LIVE. As an ARMY commented, "Please don't ignore us", Jungkook exclaimed. "that's so cute", leaving the internet ablaze with his confession that people who talk like that are his 'type'. "People who say this are so cute, it's absolutely my type ," 


He further opens up about his type and said, “Have I prepared for my album? No, I haven't prepared for my album. All of you must be anticipating a lot,” and explained, “I have put an all stop (in preparing for the album) and I think it's become like a habit. I haven’t been doing anything, and I like this, not doing anything.” He added, “I think I have said this before, but if I was to be reborn, I want to be a rock and I feel like right now I am like a rock.”

On the work front, Jimin is the next BTS member expected to release his solo album this quarter. The vocalist has prepared his album and the label is looking for a schedule to release his record. During his live, Jungkook sang a couple of songs by other groups as well and was joined by Taehyung on an Instagram live. BTS member Jin is currently in the military and the group is expected to come together as OT7 in 2025.

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