BTSVLOG: Jin makes mouthwatering food and takes cooking tips from Chef Lee

The much-awaited vlog of Kim Seok Jin is finally out! In the series of the BTS members posting vlogs on their YouTube channel BANGTANTV, this week's vlog was of BTS’ eldest member Jin, the famous singer did what he does best(obviously apart from cooking and his out-of-the-world fishing skills), cook in the vlog, all the while making sure everyone knows how important BTS and ARMY are for him. 

Every action Jin does gives us even more reason to love him, Jin brought honey for Chef Lee as his grandfather runs a bee farm and they had just harvested honey, it just shows how down-to-earth the singer is. 

Joining him was chef Lee Yeonbok and they together made a perfect cooking duo, the two made menbosha ( shrimp toast) together, however, there was a twist to this too as Jin made the toast into the shape of the BTS and ARMY logo. Seokjin learned various new cooking tricks from Chef Lee.


One of the highlights of the vlog was the time Chef Lee dipped his finger in hot oil to check the temperature of the oil which left Jin shocked, however, Jin being Jin wanted to try it too, to Chef Lee and everyone’s surprise Jin actually went through with it and dipped his finger in the oil followed by a very cute reaction. Chef Lee said that Jin was the first non-chef to dip his finger in the oil to which Jin iconically replied, "BTS should be the first for everything". 

The whole vlog even the captions and everything just had Seokjin written all over it and in the caption, the credit for it all did go to the one and only! Design and Captions: Jin, Honey provided by: Seokjinnie's Grandpa, Location and Ingredients provided by: Chef Lee Yeon-bok

Jin concluded the vlog by cutely saying Run BTS! Then realised that that is not what it is so he changed it to Run Seokjin! 


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