Bubble Butt Flip Cup Challenge Widely Getting Viral On Instagram

Mar 25 2017 10:41 AM

Things going viral on the Internet is a pretty common phenomenon. Things going crazily viral is also not something we haven't heard of before. After all, who can forget watching people literally torturing themselves by getting drenched in icy-cold water?

And then it was the mannequin challenge that caught on with people posting videos of themselves posing as mannequins.

Just when we thought that we had gotten over insane fads, the Internet has come up with one more. And trust us, it is even crazier than its predecessors.  We are talking about the butt-flip challenge that women are currently obsessing with.

It involves placing a plastic glass conveniently called the 'butt flip cup' on your derriere and thrusting your backside upwards once so that the glass goes up in the air, and lands back on your booty top down and balanced.

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