Bus and truck collided, 16 people died on the spot and others injured

Feb 13 2020 09:32 AM
Bus and truck collided, 16 people died on the spot and others injured

Lucknow: Due to the incidents of these incidents increasing day by day, in today's time there is no one who is not disturbed. Recently, the sleeper bus going from Delhi to Bihar collided with a truck on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway late on Wednesday night. 16 people died due to this. 35 passengers were injured in the accident, which is being treated at Saifai PGI. There were 90 people on the bus. When the private bus reached near the highway Bhadav village, it uncontrollably crashed into a truck. Local people reached the spot after hearing the noise. He started relief work. Simultaneously, the police was also informed.

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The police of three police stations reached the spot. ADG Zone Ajay Anand and IG Range A. Satish Ganesh also reached the spot and was there till late night. Those killed in the accident could not be identified till late at night. ADG Zone Ajay Anand and IG Range A Satish Ganesh, who reached the spot, told that the next part of the bus flew away. The people who reached the spot took out the injured with the help of the police.

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The injured were sent from ambulance to PGI Saifai. Three people died on the spot. At the same time, another one died. Six of the 35 injured sent to Saifai died. The accident was so horrific that a scream broke out as soon as the collision occurred. But people around ran on the spot. The relief team of UPDA also reached the spot after information. Nagla Khangar Police and Dial 112 also reached. UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath has taken DM and SP immediately after taking cognizance of the bus accident and directed to do relief work. ADG and IG also reached the spot.

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