Businessman eats poison for fear of corona virus and lock down

The corona virus and the lockdown to prevent it are proving fatal for small traders. Fear of a third wave has now intensified the fear among traders. The possible lockdown has created fear in them about the future. In Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, one such trader tried to kill himself in view of the fear and possibility of loss.

The case is said to be from Matguwa police station area of Chhatarpur district. Anshul Sharma father Vinay Sharma, a textile trader from Kharaganya, tried to kill himself by consuming poison. He is being treated at the district hospital. He is well at the moment. Anshul says he runs a cloth shop in the village. It also goes to market in haat-bazar and other villages. The first and second wave and lockdown of the Corona virus had caused him a lot of losses. The fear of a third wave and lockdown from above has been further increased. These conditions are breaking the back of the business. He was terrified to hear the sound of the third wave. For this reason, he had consumed the rat kill medicine kept in the house for the purpose of suicide.

Where it is learnt that Anshul was married to Manjulata 2 years ago. She also has a two-month-old daughter. The loss so far and the concern for raising the child have shaken her from within. He does not understand how the ever-increasing losses will be compensated. The calamity that comes now will not allow him to recover for the rest of his life. Fearing this, he tried to kill himself by consuming poison.

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