Guru Nanak Dev had completed four 'Udasi' by 1521

Sep 22 2020 11:36 AM
Guru Nanak Dev had completed four 'Udasi' by 1521

Today is the death anniversary of Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of Sikhs. His followers address him by the names Nanak, Nanak Dev Ji, Baba Nanak and Nankashah. Nanak possessed the qualities of philosopher, yogi,religious reformer, social reformer, poet, patriot and Vishwabandhu - all in his personality. He was born in a Khatrikul on Kartiki Purnima in a village called Talwandi situated on the banks of Ravi river. Talwandi is a city in the state of Punjab in Pakistan. Some scholars consider his date of birth as April 15, 1469. But the prevailing date is Kartik Purnima, which falls 15 days after Diwali in October-November.

His father's name was Mehta Kaluchand Khatri and mother's name was Trupta Devi. Talwandi's name later came to be named after Nanak. His sister's name was Nanaki. Also, from childhood, symptoms of sharp intelligence were visible in them. He used to be indifferent to worldly subjects from childhood. They did not like to study therefore he left school at the age of 7-8, because the teacher accepted defeat on his questions regarding 'Bhagwatprati' and he came to leave home with respect.

He then spent all his time in spiritual meditation and Satsang. Many miraculous incidents happened during childhood, which the people of the village started seeing them as divine personalities. His sister Nanki and the village ruler Rai Bular were prominent among those who revered him since childhood. He was married at the age of sixteen at the age of sixteen to a girl named Sulakhani of Moola, who lives in a place called Lakhouki under Gurdaspur district. At the age of 32, his first son Srichand was born. Four years later, the second son Lakhmidas was born. Along with this, they started to roam around and teach. By 1521, he completed four travel cycles, traveling to the main places of India, Afghanistan, Persia and Arabia. These yatras are called "Udasiyan" in Punjabi.

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