Doggo becomes ‘Doggo Van Gogh’ wows everyone by painting picture

Jul 20 2021 02:14 PM
Doggo becomes ‘Doggo Van Gogh’ wows everyone by painting picture

Who doesn?t love dogs? Dogs are the most loved pet as they are friendly and fun loving. Nowadays, one thing has become very normal of people sharing videos with there pets doing crazy stuff. These viral videos are all over internet remember the sweet, talented Australian shepherd Secret. The doggo stunned everyone and won hearts with her dancing video. She is now back again with her new talent getting viral on social media.

The doggo very cutely showcases her another talent and this one involves a paintbrush and a canvas. Yes! Can you believe a dog painting. On the doggo?s Instagram page, the video has grabbed attention. The video starts with Secret drawing a yellow flower while holding the brush in her mouth. The clip ends with the doggo sitting next to the finished painting that has a pawprint signature.

Sharing the video along with a sweet caption, read ?Secret drew a sunflower! Or maybe it?s a daisy? We?ve been having a lot of fun working on painting different shapes and brush strokes lately, and she?s getting to the point where she can make recognizable shapes on her own without targets.? The clip by now has garnered more than 2 lakh likes and several reactions. Secret?s canine friends also shared their comments of appreciation.

?I?ve already seen some dogs do paintings but this tops everything,? a doggo friend wrote. ?O? M? G? She?s the sweetest and most talented dog on this planet!? an user commented. While one wrote ?Doggo Van Gogh.?

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