If you take these measures on Wednesday, your luck will be reversed, all problems will be eliminated

Apr 07 2021 03:30 PM
If you take these measures on Wednesday, your luck will be reversed, all problems will be eliminated

Every day of the week is dedicated to one or the other deity in the Scriptures. The lord of Wednesday is considered to be Lord Ganesha. Worshipping Ganapati on this day strengthens intellectual ability. Business increases and man progresses in his field. If mercury is in a low or inauspicious condition in one's horoscope, taking some measures on Wednesday sours and auspicious conditions in Mercury can be strengthened. This also supports a man's sleeping fortune, and he succeeds by working a little harder. The house of such people is filled with money and they never worry about money in life. Here are a few of Wednesday's special measures...

1. Recite Lord Ganesha's Atharvashirsa on Wednesday. Offer Modak or Laddus to them. After this, worship Maa Lakshmi with the law. Offer them roses and offer kheer. After this, wish both of them to be kind at home. By doing this every Wednesday, the position of Mercury will start improving in no time.

2. If the debt is high and you are unable to take it off, then on Wednesday, bring a quarter and a half of the whole moong and boil it. After this, feed a cow by mixing ghee and sugar in it. Do this continuously till 5 or 7 Wednesdays.

3. Offer 21 or 42 Javitri to Prabhu Shri Ganesh on Wednesday. Due to this, financial problems will start to move away from the family soon.

4. Go to a temple and offer Durva and Laddus to Lord Ganesha and offer lotus flowers to Mata Lakshmi. Do this continuously till 11 or 21 Wednesday.

5. On Wednesday, donate some money to a eunuch and take some money from them as a blessing. Put the money in a place of worship and show incense. After this, wrap it in a green cloth and place it in the place where the money is kept. In no time, you will see a barkat in the house.

6. Before the sun rises on Wednesday, take 5 handfuls of moong and strike seven times over it. After this, ask God to give you your wish and make it flow into the flowing water. With this, the economic situation will start improving in no time.

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