By this way, You can Know your future

Jun 08 2019 04:05 PM
By this way, You can Know your future

It is said that man's sixth sense or sixth sense is very strong and can be traced to all future events. In this way, this power can be awakened by yoga, and today we are going to tell you something about it here. Yes, they say that the centre of the Sixsith Sense is Brahmarandhra which is slightly above the position of the two eyes. At the same, the whole web of subtle-Nazis is spread inside our body, with the most prominent being the IDA, Pingla and Sushumna.

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It is said that Sushumna is located in the middle and it is believed that when the two vowels of the nose move, they are more likely to be active and are actively awake to the divine knowledge. There is thousands Nadiya in our whole anatomy, whose shuddhi can only be done by Pranayama and asanas and for this reason, yoga and pranayama are the first to get the power to know the future. For this you can go to a clean and open space so that fresh air can be filled in your fences.

It should be noted that in order to see a future occurrence, you need to practice pranayama first, when it is practiced well, then focus on the Bhrikuti and constantly look at the darkness in the middle and make sense of the breathing inside. When the time goes by, silence, meditation, meditation can enhance the ability of the mind. It also says that when you go ahead, your imaginary power and ability to get an impression will increase and you will be able to see the anticipation as well as the future.

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