By tying hands and feet, the father did the rape of his daughter

Garhwa: An embarrassing case has come to light from Jharkhand's Garhwa district, where a father has been accused of raping his daughter while intoxicated. The mother of the minor girl has filed a case in the police station. Police has started investigation of the case.

Actually, this incident is being told of Bhavnathpur police station area of ​​Garhwa district, where a drunken father got spoiled after seeing his daughter alone in the house and he raped the girl by tying her hands and feet. When his intoxication subsided, he ran away from home. While filing a case with the police, the mother said that two days ago she had a dispute with her husband. Because of this, she went to her maternal home in UP for treatment along with her brother. His minor daughter of 17 years was living alone in the house. According to the victim, her father had come home late in the evening after drinking alcohol. They raped her by tying her hands, feet and mouth.

At the same time, when the girl was somehow freed from the clutches of her father, she informed her grandmother and aunt living in the neighborhood about the matter. However, they started advising the victim to remain silent in this case for fear of slander. Thereafter, she went to her maternal uncle's house to meet her mother. He informed his mother about the whole matter. The mother immediately reached Bhavnathpur police station with her daughter and demanded action against her husband.

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