'Whoever does not follow India's rules will be clamped down' Minister Prahlad Patel

Vidisha: Union Minister of State Prahlad Patel visited Madhya Pradesh yesterday. Yes, in fact, his in-laws are in Vidisha, and his father-in-law died just a few days ago. The minister, who arrived in Vidisha last Thursday, made a statement on Twitter. In this statement, he said, "Whoever does not follow the rules of the Government of India and India will be clamped down. It is illegal to sell archaeological items outside the country.''

In fact, for the past few days, the central government has been focusing on the guidelines of digital and social media platforms. In view of this, the Modi government issued guidelines on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Talking about this, the Minister of State said, "Those who do not follow the rules of India will be clamped down. Whoever makes a mistake will have to suffer. Just a few days ago, letters and other documents written by Nawab Hamidullah Khan of bhopal state were sold on foreign websites."

Talking about this, Minister Patel said, "It is wrong, it is for all this that archaeological law has been enacted. 100-year-old cheese and 75-year-old documents fall under the category of archaeology. They cannot be sold in any way, especially abroad at all." He also said, "Archaeological documents and items can be sold only in India even if they are registered. The law will come under violation if they are sold abroad. Whoever breaks the law will have to bear the brunt and will also be punished under Indian law."

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