If you are also consuming calcium tablets, then there is a risk of heart attack

Due to irregular eating in today's lifestyle, the bones start to weaken after the age of 30. And in view of this, many times when there is a pain in the bones, pain in the joints or muscle spasms, people start taking calcium supplements or calcium tablets on their own, without getting a medical checkup. This is because they feel that this is necessary for the strength of the bones. However, calcium is a mineral, which not only keeps bones, and teeth healthy but is also necessary to keep the problems related to nerves, heart, muscles, and blood away.

According to a report that has come out, now a new study has claimed that taking calcium without getting a medical test can be dangerous. And this risk becomes even greater especially when you are not taking vitamin D necessary to absorb it in the body. The study was done on 2,650 people in the UK. According to which, the risk of death from a heart attack in adults from calcium tablets is about one-third i.e. 33% more than in normal people. The study also pointed out that if the calcium taken separately is not absorbed in the body, then the opening of the aortic valve inside the heart can be completely closed. The findings of this study have been published in the medical journal 'Heart'. Not only this, but the layer of calcium on the stenosis valve leaflets affects their ability to open and close.

By consuming this, the oxygenated blood flow in the body is reduced. Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, who followed patients for 5 years in Ohio, found that not taking vitamin D with it doubled the risk of dying from heart problems. Earlier in 2010, a report in the British Medical Journal reported that the rate of a heart attack in those who take calcium is quite high. Then in 2019, scientists at Tufts University analyzed the records of 27,000 U.S. adults to show the link between high doses of calcium and cancer.

Calcium is necessary for bones and teeth and lack of it can lead to rickets in children. In such a situation, it is best to eat dairy products, green leafy vegetables and some fish to meet the lack of calcium.

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